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In addition to our Sunday and Wednesday services in Henrico, VA, we have several ways you can join us through digital media such as Facebook Live, YouTube, Internet Radio, Daily Devotionals, a Bible Reading Plan, Blogs, and additional websites. Each photo below is a link where you can connect to our resources. In addition to our free electronic resources we have many printed and digital materials for personal study, family worship, and raising your children and youth in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  

Pastor Jim Langlois

Digital Media:


Church and Social Distancing

Due to Social Distancing parameters, TMH is currently broadcasting service at 11:00AM EST every Sunday from Facebook Live.  Although we may be "distancing", we are still "connecting."  

In addition to our online service, TMH is connecting via Zoom on Tuesdays at 7:00PM EST.  Join us for a time of Family Worship where we read scripture, discuss it, and pray for one another.  We look forward to seeing you there!

To Join our Zoom Meetings and Log-in information, check the calendar!

6/13/2020 Special Guest Billy Gaines


Our message portion is also recorded, edited, and published on our YouTube Channel at "The Master's House RVA." This is a permanent library so you can watch at any time and catch up on any missed messages.

Choose You Netcast is a 15-minute podcast by Pastor Jim Langlois helping others navigate through difficult but  important Bible truths.


Join Pastor Jim's  Daily Devotions! Receive them every day by e-mail. 


Join Pastor Jim's  New Testament Bible Reading Plan! One chapter a day, five days a week, Monday through Friday, the New Testament in a year! There's even an option to have Pastor Jim read it to you if you prefer to just listen!  Receive them each day automatically by e-mail. 

Additional Websites:


Pastor Jim is challenging everyone to join his Revolution - The Family Bible Revolution! One simple truth, five essentials, and six easy steps. This website is dedicated to the Revolution. Find out how the simple truth of Family Worship can change you, your family, your marriage, your children, and the world!


Dr. Jim Langlois' blog site. Excellent articles, deep truth's.


Captain Charismatic's website. The Master's Kids Evangelistic Association. Yes, he is still alive, well, and reaching kids for Christ!

Printed and Digital Materials:


Our store for all our materials and recommendations of additional by additional authors.  


Pastor Jim's Books. They can be purchased at The Family Bible Revolution website by clicking the photo on the left or by clicking this link to


Family Worship for Kid's and Youth


Family Worship lessons for Children


Educational Music for Children


Kid's Tracts


Pastor Jim's Book for Drumming Super-Sleuth's